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Proposing In The Monterey or Big Sur?

Are you thinking about popping the question to the love of your life?

Maybe you're taking a trip out to the California Coast and have seen pictures of Big Sur and thought, "Ah yes, that is the place! That's where I'm going to propose!"

Well let me help you make this day as amazing as you've always dreamed. Big Sur is a large stretch and if you don't know where you're going, you could walk right into a patch of poison oak 😳 Let me help you with location selection to find the place that's right for you and your partner!

While Big Sur is easily one of the most sought-after locations in the Monterey Bay, it's not the only place to pop the questions. Monterey is full of beautiful places with breathtaking views. If you're looking to propose in the Monterey Bay Area, I'm here to help give tips, tricks, and any advice. Also I'm here to help take some of the nerves away too.

What's Included In The Proposal Package?

I like to make thing easy so I created a complete package with you in mind. Included is:

• 1 hour session

• Help Selecting Location

• Assistance Planning

• Location of your choice

• 50 fully retouched digital images

• Bottle of Bubbly (or Sparkling Apple Cider)

• Online gallery for easy downloading, sharing, and printing

• 7 sneak peeks within 1 week

• 3-4 week turnaround time

Now the question is...are you ready to start planning?

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Zach + Kiera

"I can’t even believe to express my gratitude to Jenn and Leslie for not only capturing but also helping Zach plan the most perfect reproposal ever! With us not being from the area they helped him pick the most perfect spot with the most incredible views. They worked with him very last minute and made him feel so comfortable during the planning process - I mean for him to find the location, show up at the right time and execute I knew he had to have had some help and I couldn’t be more grateful he was in the best hands possible!!! Jenn made us feel so comfortable her energy is incredible and she is your personal hype woman. She isn’t just any regular photographer there to take pictures - it’s a whole experience that you walk away from feeling empowered and totally awesome! From the moment we met it was nothing but positive energy and good vibes it truly felt like we had know each other forever. I for one am so critical of pictures of myself and how I look but Jenn made me feel so beautiful and captured all my best angles that I am absolutely blown away that I loved every single picture in the gallery (this never ever happens for me). Her editing is natural and emphasizes highlighting natural beauty and I love her modern but also timeless style. The turn around time was amazing we got the pictures back in just a couple days and I know she worked extra hard knowing I wanted to share the news on social media and wanted me to be able to have the best pictures possible to post! I could really write a novel about how amazing the whole experience was and I will forever treasure this moment and these pictures thanks to Jenn and Leslie :) I highly recommend hiring Jelau photography."

Mary + Dylan

"Jenn was amazing to work with. She was a huge asset in helping me surprise my now fiancé with a proposal on the beach. We are from out of town, and she was so great with sending me local spots and tips on how to go about this. We are kind of awkward in front of the camera, and she was so great about making us feel comfortable and posing us in a genuine way. Jenn was very responsive and timely, and I have no regrets hiring her! Highly recommend using Jenn, and we would certainly hope to use her again in the future!"

Jackie + Cody

"My name is Cody and I live in Austin TX, and I wanted to propose to my Fiancé in a gorgeous location that would not be sullied by man or be marred by a future retrospection, so I chose Big Sur for the spot. While casting out the broad web search for a photographer 1000 miles away and two hours behind, I was swarmed with choices. So, I just began randomly selecting photographers and contacting them to see what responses I would receive. Some were haughty and were deigned that I even contacted them for their services, others frank and to the point. Jenn though came through in a way that I thought I had told an old friend the great news and they were elated to share the joy with me. 

Jenn rapidly took me from thinking “Is it even possible to coordinate a photo shoot two time zones away during a pandemic” to “I am freaking pumped to go to Sunny California and propose to the love of my life”. I had never been to Big Sur and knew nothing other than what clever Google searches told me. Jenn did not see this as a chore or a challenge, rather she seemed like a friend who so excited to show you all “The cool local spots” in the city they just moved in. She asked what I wanted the view to be and sent me excellent locations to choose from and gently broke it to me, about issues my choices would have. 

I have to brag on Jenn for she went far beyond just taking pictures, but helped me with the entire proposal process. Jenn helped me lure my prospective Fiancé to the shoot location without being entirely obvious and even helped me pick out clothing! She was so on point my clothes matched the local ice grass and gave the photos that extra oomph of that I may know what I’m doing. 

Jenn was a dream during the shoot itself. She has just such a vibrant energy that is infectious and brings out the best in you and your significant other. She was so good that I, as a guy, had a tremendous amount of fun taking pictures! Warning though, she is such a good liar that I actually felt I was good looking and deserving enough of my beautiful Fiancé’. 

In the end I didn’t just end up choosing a fantastic photographer, I like think I ended up finding my SO and I a friend…"