The anticipation of bringing life into the world, the excitement about being new parents, ready to pour out unconditional love on your little one…

There are so many exciting and anxious feelings surrounding this special time in your lives. So much to prepare for, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Even though you have 9 months to prepare, time seems to fly by so quickly somehow.

Past clients have expressed how important it was for them to step back, take a breath, and simply be in the moment. Enjoy the last bits of time they have together, just the two of them. Sit in the feelings of anticipation. Truly feel all of the feelings and emotions surrounding this "preparation time."

Booking a maternity session isn't just for you, it's also to document this time for your child. It's another chapter in your love story that will slowly unfold over the years. This is a season you won’t want to forget and I'd love to preserve this precious moment in time for you.

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