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Ready To Book A Maternity Session?

Let's just get straight to it. The idea of booking your maternity session can be overwhelming. You're already up against a clock of when your little one(s) will be here and all of the prep your house, your mind, and your heart. Now on top of that, people are suggesting you get all done up to take photos when you feel so foreign in your body.

Am I right?

Well I'm here to help you with all of this. From the planning the date to selecting your outfits to posing you in ways that make you feel beautiful and empowered during this stage of life.

First of all, I encourage all of my clients to book your maternity session when you’re about 30-32 weeks pregnant. That’s typically when the bump is a good shape / size AND you’re still able to move around, sit, stand, walk comfortably. The weeks after that hit hard and fast and there are A LOT of changes and discomfort that typically come with that.

Once we're on location, I encourage open communication so I can make you look and feel your best throughout your session. If you don't like your butt? Tell me. If you feel like you don't really have a bump and want to accentuate it more? Tell me. If you don't want to sit because you feel like a bump on a log? Tell me.

Communication helps me guide you in the right direction so your photos come out better than you could have imagined.

What's Included In The Maternity Session?

I like to make thing easy so I created a complete package with you in mind. Included in each Maternity Session is:

• 1 Hour Coverage

• Up to 5 Persons

• 1-2 Outfits

• Personal Styling

• 50 images

• Digital online gallery

Now the question is...are you ready to start planning?

Fill out my inquiry form to get a quote today.

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