Boudoir isn't just for women! This type of session is for anyone who wants to create a sensual gift for (or with) their lover. Whether it’s classy and sassy, or fun and flirty, I’d love to turn your vision into reality through this unique and intimate session.

Personally, I love to instill a sense of confidence into my clients. We all see ourselves through a specific lens and it's usually a much harsher lens than others use. I believe that each person is truly and uniquely beautiful, and I love instilling that kind of thinking into my clients.

Thus far, every single one of my clients has claimed to feel nervous or awkward in front of the camera. But by the looks of the photos, you'd never guess it. This is when I come in as your "hype girl" and start pumping you up and making you feel good. Instilling in you that you are beautiful and you deserve to take up space. That expressing yourself and loving who you are is 100% supported.

I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, which will hopefully allow them to live their lives the way they want. To fully embrace who they are. To know that they are allowed to exist and be and feel and express themselves.

So let me show you how you look through my lens. I guarantee it'll be an eye-opening experience that's more than worth the investment.

P.S. each of these albums requires a password. You didn't think I'd make accessing these kinds of photos THAT easy, did you?! 😉

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