Is that even a thing?

Yes, it absolutely is! Music is instrumental (heh heh 😎👉👉) in your mood and can either bring up or bring down your mood. So it's absolutely a factor you can add into your "photo prep" routine. For me, I've noticed that depending on the type of session I'm going to shoot has an effect on what kind of music I listen to to get me pumped up for the session. And that's just me as the photographer! Based on the way that I've designed my sessions, I like to have music that pumps me up to have a good time. Fills me with smiles, dance moves, and laughter. Here are some Spotify recommendations for you, as my client, to help get you into the right headspace for our session.


I don't know about you, but Lizzo always gets me feeling some kind of way. Every time I listen to her, I feel like there's nothing in the world that I can't do. So during my boudoir session, I like to have the Lizzo Playlist on in the background so we both get pumped up. But this isn't the only answer! It completely depends on the genre of music you're into and what makes you feel sexy. For some it may be jazz or even 90s boy bands. If you're a child of the 90s and those boy bands' tunes just hit that special spot way deep down in your soul, I recommend 90s Boy Bands. And we can't forget about Mariah Carey. If she's your pump up girl, then This Is Mariah Carey is the way to go. You're always allowed to make requests during our sessions too!

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So I'm partial to country music for Engagement Sessions. There's just something in the hopeless romantic way that they write their music that gets me in all of my feels. No matter how cheesy or goofy you might think it is, Thomas Rhett and Kane Brown just make me fall in love over and over again. So for the overall experience, I recommend Country Hits Today and Yesterday so you get all of the new love ballads mixed in with the classics. Or if you want to really throw it back, there's no occasion where Motown isn't an absolute smash. For all of the good feels and dancing grooves, Motown Classic Love Songs is guaranteed to get some of the best music ever created stuck in your head for your entire session.

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Let's get real with each other for a minute...everyone's pregnancy is different but a lot of times, when you're getting ready for your session, you're worried about being uncomfortable, running out of breath easily, having to pee at the worst time, and really just feel swollen and not "beautiful." So for this type of session, I encourage you to listen to you and your sweetheart's favorite songs. Whatever you guys can jam out to and forget about the world. For me, Pop Punk always seems to do the trick. I just get so into Blink-182 that everything else fades away. If you feel the same way, then I can't recommend Pop Punk Powerhouses enough!

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Trying to get a family all put together for a photoshoot can be rough. The more kids there are, the harder it is! You have to keep everyone looking good and ultimately, make sure they're not fighting and messing up hair/outfits. I'm a huge Disney fan, so I'd listen to Disney Hits. However, your kids might not watch Disney, so might I suggest Kids Dance Party which features dance hits from the most recent popular kids movies. If they know them, you're likely to like them as well. If music doesn't work, I will not think any less of you as a parent if you must bribe your kids. I've seen people use gummy bears, ice cream, even a trip to Target...

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Pumping yourself up to be solo in front of the camera kind of has me circling back to the Boudoir section above. However, I also feel like whenever I listen to Rihanna or Beyoncé, I also feel like nothing can stop me. There are some really cool playlists out there, and one that I find extra helpful is Rihanna/Beyoncé which also features songs by Eminem, DJ Khaled, and more.

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When we jump back into the feels, I can't help but think about country again! Obviously, this is different depending on the couple. If you bonded over EDM, then play that. If you met at an Alanis Morissette concert, play her stuff. If you karaoke'd to Justin Timberlake and now have a choreographed dance to most of his songs, play his music! Play whatever makes you happy and remember why you're marrying your best friend.

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This should be all about YOU and what gets your people going! I suggest making your own playlist for this. There's a feature on Spotify where you can co-create a playlist! All you have to do is share a link with your group and each person can add the songs they like. Then you have a specialized playlist for your special day that you all can jam to. You know, when you're drinking mimosas, taking shots, and eating pizza before your ceremony 😉

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Depending on the brand you're working with, you can choose to play the specific type of music that will get you in the right headspace for that. Working with a health-focused product? Probably something upbeat. Showcasing household cleaning products? Maybe some indie music. What about a colon cleanse? I'll let you work that one out on your own. I can't tell you a specific playlist for this because this kind of session is so vast. Just tap into what gets you in the right headspace for what kind of mood/branding is required!

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Music is diverse and unique, just like you

Your session will not be exactly like anyone else's. There might be similarities, just like you might have the same taste in music as someone else. But what gets you in the right headspace and feeling good is different from someone else. Don't let anyone judge or make you feel bad for liking what you like and what pumps you up. Own it proudly and let's turn the volume up! 🎶