Make Your Life Easier

One of my biggest suggestions to newly engaged or couples just starting their wedding planning process is to make a wedding-specific email.

If you're anything like me, you like to stay organized. But for some reason, sometimes email doesn't get the lovin' that it requires and can get out of hand really quickly. With lost emails, things going into spam that were important, or just straight up being overwhelming, things can get lost.

Well here I come to the rescue! You're welcome.

It's super helpful to make a wedding specific email where everything wedding-related can be directed for safe keeping. Now let me break it down for you. The benefits are...

  • Everything stays in one place and is organized. When reaching out to different vendors, you can keep all of your inquiries in one place and make separate folders for things like Venue, Florist, Catering, PHOTOGRAPHER 😉 etc...
  • If you choose to do a wedding website, you can link your entire site to this email, whether it's your registry, RSVP count, or anything that you link to your site
  • Having all wedding-related emails funneled to one specific spot will keep important emails from getting mixed in and potentially missed amidst the barrage of advertisements you receive on the daily (idk why I haven't unsubscribed from the Victoria's Secret email list 🙄)
  • Your spam folder will be much more manageable when you tackle it to see if anything important slipped through the cracks
  • Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. So if you need to turn off all wedding-related emails to give yourself some space, you can easily mute the email from your phone and avoid making any decisions. And when you're ready to tackle it are are in the right headspace, then you can do just that!

You can get creative with it too. You can pick a cute name if you really want to, but if that stresses you out, then simply combining your last names together is totally fine. Or whatever you choose. It's just an email, after all. It's not your wedding hashtag or something else people usually make super catchy.

But you know what? You do you. I tried to tell this to a recently engaged woman and just the thought of creating a new email stressed her out because she already had "too many emails" 🤷‍♀️ So do whatever makes your life easier!

- Jenn Petty